Start by filling out our request form located on the CONTACT page. or by clicking the button below.  Please provide us with as much detail as you can (written description/images/links to any current business pages) so we can get started on creating your custom analysis and designs right away.


Provide us with all relevant information pertaining to your message and concept. To begin designing your graphics, we'll need some information about what you are looking for in your design.


  • Any high-resolution photos you have, images, or digital files need to be at least 1MB or higher in file size ( the larger the better).

  • Your logo (if you have one) in vector format (AI, EPS, or PDF) Note most logos can be recreated but will require additional time and charge to recreate your logo to the correct file format.

  • Provide any test to be included in the design.

  • If you feel up to it (not required - we'll do the heavy lifting) but feel free to provide any examples of fonts you like, layout mock-up (can be done using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or you can draw and scan/take a photo of a sketch with any smart device and send the highest file size to us) of any design ideas you would like to see. 


A vector is a type of graphic that uses mathematical equations to produce an image made from lines and shapes that can be scaled to any size without the loss of quality or fidelity. Vectors are created in illustration software programs, such as Adobe Illustrator. Vectors are the ideal image type for large format printing, due to their ability to scale to large sizes without becoming “pixelated”. Vector graphics are great for simplistic, or geometrical images such as logos, icons, illustrations, graphs, and typography. They scale incredibly well and have a very small file size.


Vector file formats consist of the following file types:

  • SVG

  • EPS

  • PDF

  • AI


Once you submit our request form you will be contacted by one of our content creators within one to two business days after submission. Though many times we will contact you in a matter of hours to get the process started! We will then begin the process of working with you to target your exact needs, provide ideas and get any deadlines for projects and provide an easy to digest custom of the next steps. This is where times can vary, depending on the level of help needed. Most people work with our designer for about 1-2 days to receive their finished design. After your design is completed, all that’s left is to finalize the order and got to print or make visuals live! 


Logo design is technical, and the first thing your customers see when visiting the establishment, website, social media platforms, or advertising. However, this is our specialty and we would be more than happy to help either create or refine a logo you currently have. 


A raster graphic, which is made up of a specific number of pixels cannot be translated into a vector graphic, an image made up of paths. Raster files are great for photographs and small-scale display visuals. We do recommend providing any current artwork you may have in Vector format to ensure the highest quality products. 


Raster file formats consist of the following file types:

  • JPG

  • PNG

  • GIF

  • TIFF

  • PSD


Your custom website development is streamlined into four simple steps, which can be completed in just a few weeks depending on the complexity and functionality of the site.


  • STEP 1. Client Interview: During this stage, we'll get to know you and your company, what you want to achieve with your site for completion. We will need to have you provide the following: 

    • Company logo in a vector format (if a logo is already established)

    • Provide any high-quality photos or video clips already created and submitted to us via email, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

    • PDF, Word, or email mapping out the core information of your business. 

      • Staff names - titles​

      • Contact and location information

      • Summary of company story, when it was established - what makes your product or service different? 

      • Provide links to all active social media channels 

  • STEP 2. Online Visibility: Ranking in major search engines is important. Before we even build your website, we'll identify which keywords you should target for maximum online visibility.

  • STEP 3. Copy & Design: Collaboration is key. With ongoing feedback and continued updates on the status, we'll build you the professional site's desired reflection of your business. 

  • STEP 4. Final Website Review: At this stage of the creation process we will do a walk-through of the completed site to ensure you are satisfied with the final product before we hit the button to publish for the world to see. 

  • STEP 5. Approval Sign Off & Publish The final step in the process we will have you give us the green light and sign off on the approval form and then you'll be on your way to reaching your business targeted goals in style!